Expense Management


Business owners should spend their time growing revenues. We can help you keep more of it.  Cost savings is the cheapest form of financing available.  So no matter how small the expenditure, it should be accretive to your bottom line.  We focus on eliminating those expenses that do not and allocating capital where it is best served.

Business Strategy


Growing revenues is of the utmost importance.  But unless carefully planned for, the nature and timing of that growth may not align with your firm’s long-term objectives.  We help clients like you identify and build the growth strategy appropriate for your business.

Project Management/Support


We know that permanent staffing for a temporary, yet critical project can strain the bottom line.  We will help you with the research, planning, and implementation of your firm’s initiatives.  Whether it’s deciding to invest in a new facility/location or the migration of critical production systems to new platforms, we can add value by identifying the path to the most profitable outcomes.


No one knows your business like you do, but we can provide the financial expertise to optimize it.

The CruzCampbell Promise

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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery


Your clients already see you as an important service provider, but resilience in your internal operations can qualify you as a long-term partner.  We can structure a plan and response that assures your clients that you can meet your obligations in the event of an unexpected occurrence.



CruzCampbell believes that sound financial strategy not only improves the performance of the enterprise, but also that of the individual. We have taken great care in developing core financial skills training for individuals from all walks of life. Many studies have shown strong correlations between the financial literacy of individuals, feelings toward their work, and positive financial behaviors. We seek to encourage better understanding of finances among individuals so as to play a small role in developing more productive citizens.